Halloween Gallery

Welcome to the Halloween Encyclopedia's Gallery! Click on any photo below to see a gallery of related images. If you'd like to use any image here for your own project or obtain a higher resolution copy, please e-mail Lisa. And keep checking back - we'll continue to add to the galleries all the time!

Historical Images

Nineteenth-century engravings of Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day, and a few related subjects Twentieth-century catalog pages, ads, snapshots, and more

Southern California Haunts

Photos taken on the last day of the late great Hallowed Haunting Ground (arguable the world's most famous yard haunt) Photos from the 2011 Haunt With No Name, a lovely San Fernando Valley haunt that owes a debt to Hallowed Haunting Ground
The House at Haunted Hill in Woodland Hills is an amazing Halloween spectacle - an actual three-act play presented with animation, lighting effects, moving figures, an original musical score and more. Bony Island in Studio City went on hiatus for a few years, but was back with a vengeance in 2011! Their haunt includes a water show (yes, really), a 40-foot tall walk-through tree house, moving skeletons, projections, and talking bushes. Brilliant!
Every year the Griffith Park Live Steamers - miniature steam trains that run on a track around the northern edge of Griffith Park - present a Halloween version of the trains that may be designed for kids but is thoroughly delightful for adults as well. The ride runs about 15 minutes and includes Audrey from Little Shoppe of Horrors, ghosts on bicycles, pigs barbecuing people, and the infamous farting skeleton.

Halloween in Southern California

Disneyland dresses up the park each year for Halloween, complete with the giant pumpkin Mickey and a display of vintage Halloween materials in the Big Thunder Ranch (which I hope to get photos of next year!). And yes, I'm sorry there's nothing here from Knotts Halloween Haunts - just a lot harder to photograph! We have several lovely corn mazes and pumpkin patches here in SoCal, including this one, the Forneris Farms in the San Fernando Valley.
The Witch House in Beverly Hills is a famous architectural oddity that's around 80 years old now. Every year the owner hires my friend Brett Thompson to set up the house for Halloween, and they draw thousands of trick or treaters to see the actors, lighting, and jack-o'-lanterns.

Dia de los Muertos in Southern California

Photos from the 2008 Day of the Dead celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. From the 2009 celebration at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.